The team

Relaxed and focused, at the same time.

Portrait of Janin Viviane Ahnefeld LL.M.

Janin Viviane Ahnefeld, LL.M.

Rechtsanwältin, Berlin &
Foreign Lawyer Germany (Israel Bar Association), Tel Aviv

Let us do what we love and do a lot of it.

Janin is practicing international laws with passion. Before setting up her own law firm, she was leading the legal department of the German branch of M&G International Investments Limited, a UK based investment company in London. Thereby, she was responsible for all legal issues relating to the German branch as well as to the UK company and other European branches of it. Influencing European legislation, studies in Norway, and more.

Tobias Wiatr

Tobias Wiatr, LL.M.

Lawyer, Berlin.

The best results come from the joy of work.

Tobias has studied laws at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and received his bachelor’s degree (LL.B.) in 2019. He finalized his master’s degree in business law (LL.M.) in 2021. Previously, Tobias had many years of experience in health care at the hospital company Vivantes GmbH in Berlin, as well as at the nationwide health insurance company BARMER. Law, social issues, sports, and more.

Lea Soto, portrait

Lea Soto

Office Manager and Customer Service Manager, Berlin.

Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

Lea completed her education as an International Business Assistant at Merkur Akademie International in Mannheim, in Germany in 2014. After graduation, she was able to gain professional experience in the accounting, advising and sales department of a company in Chile. Sales, management, and more.

Rechtsanwälte Nestel & Beck

Our cooperation law firm

Fred Nestel, Rechtsanwalt, Stuttgart, standing with sunset behind

Fred Nestel

Rechtsanwalt, Stuttgart

There are no problems, just solutions.

Fred is an enthusiastic Labor Lawyer. Since November 2002, he is holding the title as Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht (specialized lawyer in Labor Laws according to § 43c BRAO) and is frequently advising any kind of companies as well as CEO’s, managers, employees and work councils in labor law as well as in economic and civil law matters. Court representation, Wine tasting competitions and more.

Jasmin Beck, Rechtsanwältin, Stuttgart, portrait

Jasmin Beck

Rechtsanwältin, Stuttgart

If you stop learning, you stop growing.

Jasmin is working in our cooperation partner law firm in Stuttgart. She can be called a passionate lawyer. She is mainly active in Criminal and Misdemeanor Laws as well as Health Care Laws. She advises doctors, dentists, and pharmacies in the incorporation, purchase or sale of their current business. Speaker, social commitment and more.

A few of our business partners

Kefah Abu Gosh

Kefah Abu Gosh

CEO (ProperT GmbH, Berlin)

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

ProperT GmbH is a German Real Estate consultancy and Investments firm, operating from Berlin, with head office in famous Sony Center, in Potsdamer Platz. ProperT focuses on promoting new residential developments, in their earliest stage (pre pre sale). This allows our clients to be “the first to know” about such investment opportunities. Visit

Peter Kleinwachter

Peter Kleinwächter

Financial Advisor (MLP AG, Berlin)

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.

Peter is a mortgage broker and financial advisor, based in Berlin.
He has been specializing in the Mortgage Market for both, German and International clients, for more than 20 years. He is working alongside with all major banks in Germany and due to his professional experience and knowledge of the market, he will endeavor to obtain the best loan to suit property buyers requirements. Visit