Feras Haydar, LL.M.

Lawyer, Berlin. feras.haydar@ahnefeld-kollegen.de

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Feras is an open, optimistic and hardworking young lawyer. He finished studying laws at the university in Damascus, Syria, in 2012 and worked afterwards as a civil lawyer until 2015.

Then, he began studying comparative law at Saarland university in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany, where he finished his law studies successful in 2020. During that time, he worked besides as a volunteer at an organization helping refugees in Homburg, Germany. In addition, he was supporting the authority of Homburg-Saar as an advising assistant in integration matters.

Feras joined our team in Berlin in 2021. He is focusing on corporate laws, tax laws and insolvency laws. His language skills are Arabic, German, and English. He also started to learn recently French.

Feras is playing volleyball in his leisure time and chess.

Feras Haydar