Tobias Wiatr, LL.B.

Legal Assistant, Berlin.

The best results come from the joy of work.

Tobias is studying law at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and received his bachelor’s degree (LL.B.) in 2019. He is also currently working on his master’s degree in business law (LL.M.), which he will complete next year.

Previously, Tobias had many years of experience in health care at the hospital company Vivantes GmbH in Berlin, as well as at the nationwide health insurance company BARMER.

The main focus during his work and his studies was the processing of social and labor law issues in particular.

With his master’s degree and his work at Ahnefeld and colleagues, Tobias focuses on corporate law with regards to real estate, tax law and insolvency laws.

In addition to his work, Tobias represents the interests of the students in the examination board for business law (Master) at the university.

Tobias is a family man and team athlete. He is particularly enthusiastic about volleyball and basketball.

Tobias Wiatr